High School Detention

Graduation is nearing. But, your grades might be holding you back another year. There is not enough time to raise your grades ... Is there another way to change them? You are in Detention, which happens to be next to the Principal's office. Can you sneak in without getting caught?




3 to 6 Players

The CSI Lab

There is a biotoxin on the loose there are already 6 dead in it's wake. Can your team of specialists sythesize the anitidote to save yourselves... and all of civilization? Better work fast!


3 to 6 Players

The Pawn SHop

The Pawn Shop happens to be the front for a Black Market group. They have a list of secret agents that they are trying to sell to the highest bidder. Can you locate and remove the list before they come back? 


4 to 6 Players

Back Stage 

The curtain has gone up and an assassin is on the loose! Can you figure out who is trying to kill the Prime Minister and foil their sinister plans? So many suspects and so little time!

some experience recommended

4 to 6 Players