We’re going to lock you in a room and throw away the key…

[ Family and Friends ]

No matter the age or education level, everyone excels at something. The game breaks many barriers and lets you bond without outside influences or distractions. Your kids will want to do this with you... everyone so focused on the tasks at hand they won’t even miss their cell phones! You will find yourselves working together from the start.

[ Team Building ]

The trick to this game is to work together as a team and communicate. You enter as a group and escape as a team. Everyone is constantly communicating, exploring and thinking laterally. The team will need to focus completely on the tasks, whether individually or as a whole. If it’s competition you seek, then know that there are 2 identical rooms, where 2 teams can compete against each other. Or, let the clock be the score keeper.

[Gamers, Espionage and CSI Enthusiasts ]

Ever watch any crime dramas? Fascinated with The Bourne Identity? Do you think, I could do that? Well, now is the time to put yourself to the test. Do you have the ability to solve the crime before the show is over? Let’s see if you can in real life. Do you play any virtual escape games? Now, it can be done hands on. This will definitely get your heart pumping without being physically demanding.